Cat Window

I’m thinking someone must’ve been very pleased with the beautiful shade of aqua on this window fixture. A bright and vibrant color against the more sedate brown. The window panes open individually, and the old lady who lives here has refused for years to replace the old-fashioned, leaky windows, even though her grandson keeps promising he’ll pay for it all. On a lazy spring afternoon, the kitty will jump up to snooze on the sill, basking in the late afternoon rays. At dinnertime, the old lady will come to open a bottom pane so the kitty can come in to eat. Often, the old lady will remain at the window, looking out at the road, searching for that special someone who used to come home from work at this time of day. A man jaunty with his hat cocked just so, his briefcase swinging from one hand as he whistled his way up the walk. Oh my, they hadn’t been that young in years. And it had been half a lifetime, or so it seemed, since he’d passed through the front door and join her at the window to quietly watch the world.


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