Holy cow, I’ve been sick…was sick for about 3 weeks before I caved and called the doctor. Then antibiotics for a week, and I’m back to feeling better. I don’t recommend being sick for that long. Don’t do it.

As a result, my poor blog languished, as my sluggish brain just couldn’t churn up any blog post ideas. Today’s off-schedule post is my attempt to bet back into this. I have a serial I started on Friday’s, which I hope to pick back up and carry forward with this coming Friday. That’s the plan!

In the meantime, I’m in the mood to give away a book, and that book would be Perp Bride. So, how do you enter to win? Well, Click HERE, and like my Facebook Author Page between Tuesday (4/21) and Thursday (4/23). I will randomly pick a winner from the new likes and announce on my FB author page Friday (4/24) morning.

Perp Bride Big Pub Cover

5 Star Review from Sunny Cole:

“Raunchy, raw, and ridiculously funny.

This heroine is Stephanie Plum on crack. She’s your best friend who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. She’s a woman with a heart of gold and fists of steel. The book is irreverent and both tender and tough. Alcie has given up her life as she knows it in New York only to take up residence in a town she despises but can’t escape. She shocks some people and endears herself to others. Her niece and nephew adore her, the cop who arrested her 10 years prior is crazy about her, and she shines brightly despite the trials she endures.

If you like romance, snark, and don’t mind characters who speak colorfully, this book is for you. I loved it.”


I’m Alcie Giordano. I’m the purple-haired, tattooed stand-in mother to my orphaned niece and nephew. I juggle my job as a nurse practitioner, raising my young charges, fending off my mother’s increasingly smothering interference, and a new, intense relationship with the cop who arrested me at my wedding reception. I’ve a healthy fear of commitment, as I’d found my newly-wedded husband screwing another woman just minutes before our first dance ten years ago. But this hasn’t stopped Luca Romano from pursuing me, and it certainly hasn’t stopped me from combining forces with him as we raise our three charges, tangoing our way through this crazy little thing called life.

Find Perp Bride on Amazon.


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