I could hear the echoes of a very active community around the ruins as I strolled towards the skeleton of the castle on the hill. Tall, arching windows framed the vivid blue of a sky dotted with fluffy white clouds. Darker clouds approached from the horizon – a storm coming in from the sea. The wind whipped through the scrubby bushes and grass, whistling through the narrow cracks between the castle’s stone walls.

The scent of a campfire came to me on the next gust of wind. I’d had the sense to bring a sweater, but it wasn’t nearly enough protection from the nip the wind carried from the bay. I turned to the water, fascinated by the white-capped, rolling waves. The beach was way below where I stood, with no good or easy way down. Another blast of the wind left me shivering.

“Are ya daft, lass? Come closer to the fire.”

I whirled around so fast I nearly lost my footing and toppled over the edge of the cliff I stood upon. Someone’s hard arm caught me around my waist, hauling me away from danger. “Put me down,” I ordered when my feet left the ground.

“Not likely. You haven’t the sense to come in out of the wind or the ability to dress yourself properly.”

The deep male voice made me shiver as much as the cold wind had. I hadn’t gotten a good look at him as he held me against his hip, facing away from him. He strode towards the large bonfire that blazed on the flat plain at the foot of the castle hill. Darkness had settled, confusing me as it had been mid-afternoon. What had happened here? Where had this man come from? I’d been here all alone.

“I caught me a wee sprite,” my rescuer-slash-captor announced to the three men who stood around the fire in various poses.

Laughter greeted the announcement. “I didn’t know it was wee sprite season,” one of the men joked. All gathered in a loose semi-circle around me, unabashed about staring at me.

“Never seen her before. Are ya sure she’s a she? She’s wearing trousers, and her hair is shorter than mine. Maybe you caught yourself a wee lad.”

More laughter. I ground my teeth together. “Have you never seen a woman this far from civilization?” I demanded.

“And what’s all this if it’s not civilization?” My rescuer set me on my feet. “Hmmm? D’ya have a name?”

“Riley MacCormack,”

“She has two surnames? I still think you caught a lad, Eirnan.”

Eirnan, huh? He rested heavy hands on my shoulders, keeping me near him. I decided I’d fallen asleep back in my hotel room, and that this was a very detailed dream. How else could I explain the sudden change in time of day? Or that the castle loomed over me, whole and inhabited?

“Are ya warm yet, Riley MacCormack?” His low rumble brought goosebumps to my skin, made my knees vibrate as his voice caressed my name. He didn’t await my answer, but lifted me off my feet again to rest against his hip. I bounced a bit as he strode up the hill to the castle. His three friends followed, subdued now in their teasing. Something significant had happened, but I had no idea what. #indie

To be Continued Next Friday…

* * * * *

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In the Fog: A haunted lighthouse located on a supposedly haunted point in Maryland. Two people drawn out of their own time into the past where they are stuck until they accomplish whatever task they’d been tapped to fulfill. Once completed, will Tabitha and Grady ever see each other again? What’s going on in the fog of October?


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