You’re enjoying a quiet evening at home, alone, just you, Netflix, and a bottle of wine. You hear something outside, nothing too alarming, just a typical sound for your neighborhood, but something about it picks at your subconscious. You flashback to a bit of a weird dream you’d had a couple nights ago, where you’d heard this sound, but in your dream state, you knew it to be ominous. The noise comes again, a little bit louder, a bit closer. “Don’t go look,” you tell yourself. After all, you’re not one of those stupid teenaged girls who goes into the basement in a horror movie, right?


Damn. That sounds like it’s just across the street. You decide it can’t hurt to go peek out your front window. You leave your comfy cocoon on the couch, pausing your movie before you tiptoe across the floor. You laugh at yourself. Nobody outside can hear you walking across your carpeted floor. You crook your index finger to move the curtain out of the way, and you see…

What happens next?
                      What happens next?

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