Nature: Being outdoors with the trees, grass, river, flowers, hills…the wide open blue sky. Looks like a spring day, so the air would hold a hint of the summer warmth to come. How many shades of green does Mother Nature know? There’s the dark green of the trees, the brighter green of the ivy growing over the stone house.

Home: A tidy, cozy little cottage built of rocks found around the property. Love of color shows in the turquoise paint on the front door. Love of nature shows in the ivy crawling over the house, in the tended grass, the flowers. Then there’s the stunning setting, overlooking a river, with the hills in the background. I fancy the bed linens smell of fresh air and sunshine, the sweet antique wood furniture sparkles so you can see your reflection. A white sheepdog is curled before the fireplace, taking a morning snooze. Faint on the air, the aroma of breakfast.

Refreshed: Water nearby, so cool, creating such a soothing sound as it flows downstream. A great break from yard work on a hot summer’s day – taking a wade next to the bank. Cold water rushing around your feet, ankles and legs, whisking away the heat created by the physical work.

Renewal: Taken altogether, the three words above – nature, home and refreshed, whomever lives here could find renewal for a busy life that revolves around work, keeping up the home, raising kids. There’s such peace outside this window, if I open it, I bet I could smell the spring flowers perfuming the air.


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