Written by a longtime, very dear friend, and writing mentor, Valerie Parv, this is excellent on so many levels. As I commented on her blog: My creative goodies box includes doing crafts, Pinterest, watching favorite movies, re-reading favorite books…Sometimes, I simply close my eyes and take a trip inside my own head, go take a look at what’s lurking in the deep, dark, scary depths. Imagination and the sparks of creativity are everywhere, we just need to be still sometimes so we can recognize them.

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Welcome to First Monday Mentoring for March.

As most of the world knows by now, the American actor, Leonard Nimoy, died on Friday. By early Saturday morning Australian time, the hashtag #RIPLeonardNimoy was one of the top trending topics on Twitter and Facebook, and his likeness dominated the world media on and offline.

Even if you aren’t a Star Trek fan, you probably recognized him as Mr. Spock, the logical, pointed-eared Vulcan from Star Trek’s original series which premiered in the 1960s. After Trek, Nimoy starred in series including Mission Impossible and In Search of, and was also a notable stage performer, director, poet, photographer, philanthropist and family man.

Nimoy's last live convention appearance. Photo by Maria Jose Tenuto, used with thanks. Nimoy’s last live convention appearance. Photo by Maria Jose Tenuto, used with thanks.

I knew him only slightly from my long involvement with the show when I helped organize conventions for fans, fund-raising to bring people from the show…

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One thought on “First Monday Mentoring for March 2015 – what passions drive your writing?

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Laura. It’s good to have passions even if the world doesn’t always understand or seeks to pull us down because of them. As I say in my blog, what Leonard Nimoy calls our “goodies box” of inspirations, which is kept filled by our passions, is the wellspring of our creativity.


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