So, playing “Getting to Know You…” here, I’m going to share 5 things about myself, and I challenge you to respond with at least 1 thing about yourself – more if you’re comfortable doing that. Getting to Know You…

1. I love watching paranormal shows – ghost hunting, psychic mediums – anything and everything fictional, reality/non-fiction. It doesn’t matter. Ghosties are my favorite.

2. I love pedicures. I don’t get as many as I’d like – maybe just one or two a year. I love fun, unusual colors on my toes, too. Nothing mundane like red or pink. Turquoise, sparkly black, blue, orange(s), or purple. Pretty toes and feet are so girlie. Guys really miss out, IMHO.

3. I’d rather be cold than hot. You can cover up, cuddle under your favorite blanket, lounge in front of a roaring fire, wallow in your cozy, warm bed. When you’re too hot, there’s not much you can do other than crank the a/c, stick your feet in cold water, or shed your clothes. And then you really can’t run around naked, unless you live in a nudist colony – which I don’t.

4. I love to re-read favorite books and series. Over and over again. I don’t have a keeper shelf. I have keeper bookshelves.

5. I’ve been a reader forever, and a writer since at least sixth grade, probably sooner. That’s just the earliest memory I have of actively writing a terrible, awful, Very Bad book. (It was really bad.). And then there’s the story I wrote in geometry class when I was in high school. That, too, was dreadful. Anyone remember the mini-series “V“? Yeah. I wrote a parody of that, starring teenagers. I’d better go through all my boxes, to make sure that sucker gets burned. I’d hate for my children to find it after my death and be subjected to that hot mess. LOL.


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