I did it. I’ve been wanting to do blue in my hair for a year. A whole year. So last month, my bestie beat me to it – she copied me before I could do it, and then there was no question. Blue hair would happen to me. Yes, I did it myself. I probably wound up with more blue than I expected, and not quite the dark blue I had envisioned, but WHO CARES? My hair is BLLLLLUUUUUUUEEEEE! It’s so pretty. We have no choice but to grow older, but we can choose the way we do it – the blue is just a reminder that I’m never too grown up to be spontaneous and fun. Life’s short, adulting isn’t as awesome “as advertised,” — take every opportunity you can to embrace  happiness and JOY. Find your JOY. Hold it tight and don’t let it go.


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