Words fascinate me, obviously. What writer or reader isn’t fascinated by words? You can say so much, or very little depending of your word choice. To wit: Disagree vs Feud; Drunk vs Intoxicated; Happy vs Joyous. Words, all wonderful words. I started thinking about my favorite words and why I like there. Here is a brief list of words that make my heart sing and evoke strong images for me.

1. Lips. When my oldest son was a toddler, this was his favorite word. He’d cuddle up with me in bed or on the couch, and say, “Liiiiiiipppppssssss!” and laugh hysterically. For that reason, lips will always top my list of favorite words.

2. Creativity. This is a favorite word because I enjoy creating — stories, crafts, meals, a nice home for my family…Creativity is important to me, no matter how I express myself.

3. Smite. It’s short. It rolls off the tongue. And it evokes a very strong image in my mind.

4. Joy. It’s several degrees above “happy” or “happiness.” For me, it’s a profoundly personal and intense word that I don’t just think, but feel deep in my heart.

5. Brogue. Because I love hearing accents, and this word actually sounds like it’s meaning to me.

6. Feud. Can’t you hear the fury in this word? It’s more than a fight — deeper, angrier. Perhaps that’s because we’ve all heard of the feud between the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s. It’s hard and succinct.

7. Peril. Imminent danger, life and death. It’s frantic and evocative.

8. Spirituality. It encompasses so many things, to my way of thinking. I find it a more meaningful word than ‘religion.’ This is a hug in one calming word.

9. Giggle. Because it makes me — you guessed it — giggle.

10. Weird. Because I am weird — I revel in my weirdness. Embrace it. Plus, the word just sounds, well, weird.



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