Motivate: A compelling reason to do something.

Motivation: That which impels us to act a certain way.

So many words synonymous with “motivate”/”motivation. Splendid, wonderful words: Inspire. Stimulate. Drive. Move. Impel. Influence. Encourage. Influence. Prompt. Active. Propel. Compel.

Finding the motivation can often be a difficult task – who wants to do the dishes (again)? Another load of eternal laundry? Scrub a toilet? Get up before dawn in order to go to work or school, or get kids to school? We do what we must because there are things that simply have to be done. I’m motivated to do my dishes because I like eating off clean plates, and I like how beautiful my kitchen is when it’s clean. I do laundry because here at my house, we are all fond of wearing clean undies. I think the toilet scrubbing is somewhat self-explanatory, as is doing other general housekeeping. I have no desire to appear on that hoarder’s show on television.

For writers, we write because the voices in our head compel us. I joke that I have a character lounge in my head, where all my imaginary friends gather to chat with one another, and with me. Sometimes they are so loud, I can’t get to the writing fast enough. Other times, their voices are so faint, I strain to hear them. It’s the ebb and flow – the rhythm – of writing. And yes, there are days when the spirit is willing, and the body can’t be moved. I figure those are Battery Recharging Days. Those are are also good days to research, too. Any day when something writing-related happens is a good day. Right? There’s always a story lurking in that space between my ears whether I’m actively writing it or ruminating up on it – the story will be told.


* * * * *

You can find the stories that made their way out of my brain to book format on



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