Didn’t take long to have a Friday the 13th this year. I scoured the Internet for information on the origins and lore behind the superstitions of Friday the 13th, with the notion of writing my own little bit on the subject. Then a bit of laziness overwhelmed me, and here I am, making pretty links to the articles I liked instead.

Friday the 13th – Snopes.

Friday the 13th – The Origins.

Friday the 13th – Ancient Origins.

Please practice safe Friday the 13th behaviors. Don’t walk under ladders. Toss salt over your shoulder if you accidentally spill some. Make sure your lucky horseshoe is smiling on your wall, rather than frowning. Take time out to make a wish on a shooting star, or make a wish before breaking a wishbone. Don’t open any umbrellas in the house. Put your lucky rabbit’s foot in your pocket (or not…I never have understood why this rather gruesome talisman is considered good luck). If you say or do something that tempts fate, be sure to knock on wood (or say “knock on wood”). Don’t break any mirrors. Find a four-leaf clover. Watch for black cats crossing your path. If I see my black house panther, I will pet her, because I’m not frightened of her and don’t think anything bad will happen to me. Knock on wood, fingers crossed.

2015’s Friday the 13th’s: February, March and November. Knowledge is power. But take heart. There’s only one Friday the 13th next year.


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