Wow, time gets away from me. Then one day, I think, “I haven’t blogged lately, I ought to rectify that.” And I’m sidetracked by something else.

I wrote/published several novella-sized books last year – Bonus Hubby, Manizer, Perp Bride, When Angie Went to Hale, A Holiday Christmas, Side by Side…Republished some titles as well – two spooky novellas in one anthology called Spooked. After I finished A Holiday Christmas, I stopped writing for the year. Was I ready to stop? Nope, but gee, I had a thousand excuses. Here are just a few:

1. Kids back in school. Homework.

2. Two kids in braces, lots of orthodontist appointments.

3. Found a new doctor here in our new hometown…Saw plenty of him.

4. Oldest son situated in a nifty day program for autistic adults…we had some meetings.

5. Too tired.

6. Too grumpy.

7. Uninspired.

The uninspired part can be quite tricky. None of my usual tricks worked. Sometimes, a break is needed, which is fine. But now it’s time to get back into the swing of things. The Need to Write Twitch is making my fingers itchyl Now that I have my list of Reasons Not To, I need a list of Reasons To Write. And they are:

1. The Need to Write Twitch.

2. Dragons, baby! Yeah! World-building, stretching my writing wings with a new-to-me genre to write.

3. So many projects in mind, and they need my help to be born. None of them thus far have written themselves! Heh.

4. I’m happier when I’m writing.

5. Inspiration to write is all around…all you need to do is pay attention.

6. Keeps me off the streets and out of trouble, as it were.

7. I find it invigorating.


With a new year stretching out before me, I have big plans for my writing – loads of stories to tell, goals to reach, fun to be had. as I did when I wrote When Angie Went to Hale (thanks, SyFy channel for Sharknado, both of them). Writing brings me joy, which is my motto for this year. Joy in every aspect of my life – family, home and writing.


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