cePeace reigns around me. I won’t say quiet, because the washing machine is going and I have Kitchen Nightmares on the TV. I must say, I love Gordon Ramsey. Kids are at school. Hubby is at the high school in Career Day there.

So, my laptop gave me the Black Screen of Death. I’m using the hubby’s little-used laptop. It has a jumpy cursor, which is going to turn me into a grumpy curser. At least I’m not high and dry, right?

After a month of arguing with the Muse about our next project, I’ve decided that instead of telling her what we should be writing, which never works well anyway for me, I’m going to simply going to go searching for names that speak to me. Then I shall open a document, format it, and take dictation. We’ll see what flows.

Saw St. Vincent this weekend. Bill Murray, Melissa McCarthy, Naomi Watts. It’s different than our usual movie fare, but wow. I must say, what a wonderful movie it was. I’m so glad we saw it. The other choice was Dracula Untold, and quite frankly, I’m a bit weary of relentless action movies, so St. Vincent was a welcome change of pace.

Now that I’ve solved my writing conundrum, I can focus on the next one – What’s For Dinner?


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