For the first time in 8 or 9 days, I actually feel somewhat human again. Sinusitis took me out a week ago today. Monday, thought I was turning that corner towards health, then BAM, Tuesday, fever and a trip to the ER for fluids and IV antibiotics and antibiotic change. Yesterday, the rash that I’d noticed as we arrived at the ER was worse. Great. Doc’s office called to schedule a follow up to my ER visit. They are VERY efficient here with that – I’m very impressed. Doc squeezed me in to the end of his day yesterday to take a look at my nifty, spreading rash. Turns out the sulfa I’d been on for the sinus infection and I don’t play well together. Doctor took one look and said, “That’s a sulfa rash.” He opened my file and said, “Making a note to never give you *that* again.” So, now in addition to new antibiotics, the Mucinex I’ve been taking since last week, I’m taking Allegra for another 4 or 5 days for the sulfa rash.

This on top of releasing the Gable Cove series with my bestie and main Partner in Crime, Sheylynn Jones (who has *also* been ill this week – boy, you can see the depth, scope and breadth of our friendship, we even sometimes do the illin’ thing together!), my husband wanted to go to the coast last weekend. My sinusitis and I waved buh-bye from the couch. Oldest Son started at a wonderful day program for autistic adults this week, which is fantastic. He’ll be able to take a step Out Into the World in a safe, friendly environment surrounded by other young adults on various places on the spectrum, and young men and women who’ve trained to work with autistic adults – a good start to the rest of his life. He’s learning skills that can go on his resume, making friends, learning coping strategies that’ll help him when he decides to step out further into the world. And we’ve had a dental appointment, a birthday on the holiday this week…My house is looking sketchy around the edges, and my sister from Washington is coming to visit for a couple days next week. Yay, sister! Hectic, busy, never-ending, joy of life happening here, with a few bumps in the road!


I figure the Universe could throw me something that I would actually enjoy? Maybe? I mean, I wouldn’t be adverse to waking up one morning to finding naked Hugh Jackman walking through my house, for example. *Nods and smiles hopefully.* I surely hope everyone else has had a much better week than mine. And remember. Think “Naked Hugh Jackman walking through Laura’s house next week” thoughts. Thanks.

* * * * *

I’m on Twitter: @LauraHamby1, and Best Friends is also on Twitter: @BestFriendsWrit. You can find Sheylynn there @SheylynnJones. Like my Facebook page, and if you have one, leave me a note, I’ll go like yours, too! Same goes for our Best Friends…Writing Heartfelt Romance page on FB.

Gable Cove: Gladiolus Garden House series, Side by Side by Laura Hamby

Gable Cove: Hunted series first, Ghost Hunter by Sheylynn Jones


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