Despite both of us being sick, we did it! Our Gable Cove Series has debuted, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Months of planning, writing, IMing, giggling, plotting…it’s all come together in the births of my Gable Cove: Gladiolus Garden House series and Sheylynn Jones’ Gable Cove: Haunted series. We hope you enjoy these stories we had so much fun dreaming about, creating, and now sharing with you.



I’m Abbie Black, owner of Gable Cove’s Coffee Klatch, widow and custodial guardian for my young, teen (step)daughter, Lily. My late husband entrusted me with Lily’s raising, and for the past three years, I’ve given it my all, pretty much to the exclusion of having my own life. In my bid to eke out just a wedge of a life of my own, I caused an uproar by selling our house and moving us into the purportedly haunted Gladiolus Garden House, into the third floor apartment. Now I can add ‘reluctant believer in ghosts’ to my resume. A brief meeting with Lily’s social studies teacher one morning while helping her set up her social studies project led to a date! Who’d’ve thunk it? Me, dating Mr. Johnson, everyone’s favorite 7th grade social studies teacher. Ike couldn’t be more perfect, so his ex-wife’s loss is my gain. All we have to do is survive a variety of things ranging from helpful Gable Cove denizens intent on furthering the cause of love to our assorted family members, but most importantly, survive my darling Lily. Because if you ask her, my dating her social studies teacher means Life As She Knows It is over. Forever. Happily for me, Fate appears to agree that Ike and I deserve a second chance at happiness, and with luck, we’ll find it, side by side.

Purchase Side by Side by Laura Hamby

* * * * *


Psychic Serenity Davis is ready to strike out on her own and live her life, and she plans to start in Gable Cove, Texas as office manager for a ghost walk tour business. Daughter of a renowned spirit communicator, Serenity hides her connection to Spencer Davis, and her abilities, to be accepted as just a normal and conventional member of the community. It doesn’t take a psychic to know that Jacob ‘Ghost’ Hunter spells trouble for her plans.

Jacob ‘Ghost’ Hunter has seen and experienced spirit activity since he suddenly became an orphan in his youth. Determined to never care for someone too deeply, allow them to care too deeply for him, Jacob needs to find a way to lift the otherworldly veil to communicate with the other side. Because the ghosts of his past won’t let him go.

Purchase Ghost Hunter by Sheylynn Jones

* * * * *

And now, we’re looking forward to releasing our 2nd books in our Gable Cove Series at the end of July, early August. Happy reading!





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