Gable Cove Series debuts in a mere 4 days, so of course, the sinus infection I’ve been flirting with since last Friday decided we needed to go on a date today. Ugh. Pain. More pain. Nap. Two baths. Doctor. Antibiotics. Home and resting on the couch after this fun-filled date with the sinus infection. Yay. Haven’t been able to think all day, so here I am, about to toss up a graphic while still wracking my painful head for something to share about Side by Side.


Day 4 Gable Cove: Gladiolus Garden House Tidbits

The Gladiolus Garden House was built in the 1880s by the Kemble family. It has never left the family. It won’t leave the family when Mrs. Kemble passes away, she has several children and grandchildren.

The Gladiolus Garden House got its name because of the extensive, beautifully kept gladiolus gardens about the property.

Because “Gladiolus Garden House” is a mouthful to say all the time, it is simply referred to as the GGH by all the Gable Cove residents.

The GGH survived a horrific hurricane in the early 1900s. It, and a few other homes in Gable Cove survived, and much like the homes that survived the hurricane that hit Galveston in the early 1900s, the homes bear plaques declaring them to be city treasures and survivors.

The GGH is haunted by 5 ghosts, but that number can and sometimes does increase. Mrs. Kemble enjoys the ghosts and the notoriety of the home’s history.

Mrs. Kemble didn’t really wish to subdivide the home into apartments, but she didn’t want to lose the home more, after the death of her husband. When she had it converted, she gave the contractor strict instructions that from the outside, the home was to look exactly the same – like the single-family mansion it had always been. Now she loves her tenants and the hustle and bustle of having people around.


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