Eight days out from the debut of Gable Cove: Gladiolus Garden House: Side by Side (Laura Hamby), and Gable Cove: Haunted: Ghost Hunter (Sheylynn Jones). What fun bit do ya suppose I’m going to share after the graphic? Scroll down and find out.




Day 8 Tidbit Fun

Abbie Black moves into the third floor apartment of the Gladiolus Garden House with her stepdaughter, Lily. Abbie’s always loved the GGH, as it’s called by the citizens of Gable Cove, and this is a dream come true for her. The GGH is a three-story Queen Anne Victorian (see example below), a stalwart and genteel looming presence in Gable Cove. Built in the 1880s, it has been in the same family ever since. The current owner, Mrs. Kemble, 80something herself, years ago divided it into apartments in order to keep from having to sell it after her husband’s passing. The GGH is known to have 5 resident ghosts – including Mrs. Kemble’s father-in-law, the first groundskeeper (Mr. Wilson), 2 children on the 2nd floor, and a ghost named Pearl (3rd floor). Abbie doesn’t believe in ghosts, but Pearl sure believes in her, and shows her pleasure with Abbie’s company by playing a Chopin Polonaise on the piano. CLICK HERE to hear the Polonaise: It is the Polonaise No. 6 in A Flat major Op. 53. I’m sure you’ll recognize it at some point as you listen.


This is an example of a Queen Anne Victorian. No, this isn’t the model for the GGH – the GGH is wider across the front than this – a inordinately large home, a grand mansion. However, you can get a feel for the features and appointments of the GGH from this picture.

Tune in tomorrow for Day 7 of the Gable Cove Series Debut Countdown. You don’t want to miss a thing!


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