A week! A week from today, Side by Side (Laura’s), and Ghost Hunter (Sheylynn’s) will be published! If I weren’t afraid of traumatizing the kids, dog and neighbors, I’d dance around the yard and the house in a wild Happy Dance. I’ll settle for a more dignified sort of happy dance that won’t frighten anyone. I think Princess Callie Roo Roo can hear me thinking about the wild Happy Dance, because she’s sitting up and staring at me in alarm.

We interrupt this blog for a moment of Cuddle the Callie time…Please enjoy the elevator music until the blog returns.


Okay. Where was I? Oh. Yeah. Today’s Countdown Teaser, but first, a graphic.


Countdown Day 7 Trivia

I named Florence Anderson, the 75 year old owner of Gramma’s Attic (it’s exactly what you think it is – a combination thrift shop and antique store) after my husband’s late grandmother. We called her Grandmuddy, because one of her grandchildren couldn’t pronounce “Grandmother,” and it came out sounding like Grandmuddy. She was quite a character, Grandmuddy was. Made me promise that on my 95th birthday, I would go for a hot air balloon ride, like she did. Um. Gee. If I make it that far, I guess I’ll hafta. *WIBBLE* Our fictional Florence is a wee bit more of a character than Grandmuddy was – more outspoken and blunt than Grandmuddy, who always a lady, so no. While Florence Anderson may be named for Grandmuddy, she is not Grandmuddy other than they share a strength of character. Hehe. Grandmuddy had more decorum than Florence. You could say Florence a reflection of the quirky old lady I intend on becoming in another 30ish years, and part of my future old lady self is Grandmuddy – some, not all. Because after all…I Gotta Be Me.

Tune in tomorrow for another installment of the Gable Cove Series Debut Countdown. Who knows what I’ll blog about tomorrow? Come see, and we’ll all be surprised together. 😉

Visit our Best Friends website, if you have a moment to spare. Thanks!


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