Publication is a mere 10 days away, so I thought I’d start a countdown! I’m so very excited about the debut of this series for a variety of reasons, which I’m going to share. But first, a graphic.


Reasons I’m Excited About the Gable Cove Series Debut

M’bestie and I writing together again. A shared setting, a connected series that’s 2 stand alone series of 3 books each. We share a gestalt that’s quite sublime and exhilarating. Makes the writing process so much more fun than it already is!

I’ve wanted to write series, but have battled my Muse over it  for whatever reason, it’s never worked for me before – and I’ve tried several times. This series broke through that battle, and I’ve finished the first draft of book 2 (What’s a Girl to Do?) and started book 3 (which remains titleless).

I can’t wait to share the world of Gable Cove, TX – the bucolic town setting, the quirks of the town itself, the folks who live there. It’s a slice of dessert, if you ask me – a great place to live and work. Too bad it’s fictional!

Best Friends…Writing Heartfelt Romance was born around the idea of collaborating together. Sheylynn and I have another project in the offing – a series of duet anthologies featuring heroines whose names start with “L” and “S.” It also gives us an excuse to sing the theme song from Laverne and Shirley – Make All Our Dreams Come True. We’ve adopted it as our song, our motto, and it’s a blast to sing. (Kinda alarms our puppies when we do sing out loud, but it’s nothing a few treats can’t fix.)

* * * * *

Come back tomorrow to see what Day 9 on the countdown has to offer!


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