Need something to read? You’re in luck. Two of my backlist titles are free on Amazon today through Tuesday! Reviews are welcome and muchly appreciated! Hope you enjoy these novels as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Cupid himself came to life for me and got greedy, demanding I let him work his magic on not just one couple, but two! And I admit, I laughed aloud when Cupid told me he loved M&Ms. Yum. The title, Cupid on a Mission, came to me one afternoon as I backed out of the driveway to go pick kids up at school. With nothing to write upon (because yanno, DRIVING), I mentally chanted “Cupid on a Mission” all the way to the school and in between talking with my kids on the way home.

The Marriage Charade…Aurelia. She told me her very formal name in a very formal manner. It was great fun to help her along the path of learning to unbend so she could live and love.

Cupid on a Mission

Cupid is tested by his assignment to reunite lovers with a rocky past, Nathaniel Phillips & Gail Harmon, thanks to a Cupid Council jealous of his success rate, & more than a wee bit annoyed by his arrogance. As a perk, the Cupid Council allows Cupid the opportunity to choose a couple to work his magic upon just for the fun of it – Rick Hartley & Coralie Elgin. Fall in love with Cupid on a Mission.

Cupid’s on a mission to Chadwick, Kansas, to reunite a couple separated by their past. Cupid, being Cupid, can’t resist, and when another unlikely pair come into Cupid’s sights, the god of love winds up with more than he bargained. Are there enough M&Ms in the world to satisfy Cupid’s love of the candy while he completes his mission to help Nathaniel and Gail overcome the hurts of the past and rediscover their love is still there? Are Cupid’s arrows potent enough to encourage Rick to give love a chance with his neighbor, Coralie?

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The Marriage Charade

Finding herself on the front page of a scandal rag in a nearly naked clinch with her boss, Logan Jennings, is the most exciting thing that has happened to Aurelia Landon. Ever.

Unfortunately, it’s not the excitement she’d dreamed of, exactly. The faked photograph pitches them heart-long and headlong into a whirlwind romance with a side order of conspiracy and suspicion, as they race to discover who is plotting against them, and who wants Aurelia dead.

Aurelia gives Logan the opening he needs to whisper his way into her heart, allowing him to seduce her and love her as she lets herself believe they could have a future together.

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