Bonus Hubby is the novel that started a writing run for me last Fall – a run of four novels: Her Hero Wears a Fedora, Manizer and Perp Bride are the other three. Exhilaration, pure exhilaration, coursed through my veins as my fingers flew over the keyboard. I couldn’t get the words on the page fast enough! Wow. The thrill of writing like that excites me, makes me feel so alive.

Bonus Hubby is a story that’s been in my head for years. Years. I know Jill Fitzgerald, the main character who tells the story, so well, I feel like she’s a real person. A friend. I know her family well, too – her six older brothers, her adult twin children, her in-laws, the new love of her life and his 3 daughters. This was her story to tell, and she had very definite ideas about how it would be told. Both Jill and her hero, Kelly Gardner, are widowed, and had been happily married the first time around. Love the second time around is just as wondrous, totally unexpected, and wasn’t something they’d gone looking after – it found them. They are well versed with the vagaries of how fleeting life is, finding each other is a tremendous gift. Bonus Hubby is a story of second chances, and it’s a theme that carries throughout the entire story, touches many of the secondary characters, has roots in Jill’s history.

The thrill of writing extends to the thrill of self-publishing. I am a proud indie writer. It delights me to share my novels with the world, and I hope the world finds as much delight in them as I do.

Bonus Hubby is available exclusively on Amazon, bargain priced at $2.99 because I believe books should be affordable for everyone. Amazon Prime members can borrow Bonus Hubby for free.

About Bonus Hubby

I’m Jill Fitzgerald, middle-aged widowed mother of two adult children, sister of six impossible older brothers, and neighbor of Kelly Gardner, a widower raising three teenaged daughters. Neither one of us was looking for love, but apparently, love was looking for us. And despite the obstacles of my in-laws, Kelly’s in-laws, the chaos that revolves around my kids and brothers – from my daughter getting married to my son and bonus daughter presenting me with twin grandsons, a sister-in-law from hell…Well. We fell in love despite the odds. 




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