Sheylynn started me on this thing I call Muse Baiting. It’s like leaving cookies out for Santa, or bribing a writer with chocolate, only we use words. The deal is you commit to write 100 words a day. I don’t mean Tweets or Facebooking, I mean actual words on the WIP. One hundred a day. They can suck through the overcast, they can be dull, or wrong, even, because it boils down to this truism we’ve all heard bandied about in our writing circles: You can fix dreck. You can’t fix an empty page. Any words on an empty page improve it, right? Let yourself slide into the writing, get into the groove. Once you hit 101, you’re in the gravy, Baby. It’s amazing how easy it is to keep going. Before you know it, you’ve hit 200. 300. 400. 500. You’re zooming right along.

So, what happens if one day you don’t write 100 words? Yanno, people get sick. Spouses. Kids. Dogs. You aren’t always guaranteed a peaceful day to find some minutes to rub together long enough to make writing happen. It’s okay. Carry it over. The day after you miss, you owe yourself 200 words. Don’t make it a habit, though, of saying, “I’ll make it up tomorrow.” One hundred words is a very reasonable goal, doable even if you have to grab your laptop and lock yourself into the bathroom! (Just don’t take a bath while keyboarding. No, no, no. Safety first!)

Easy peasy, right? Undaunting. Doable. 100.


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