The Spouse helpfully wrote a list of errands I needed (read: he wanted me) to do today. Wasn’t that nice of him? It read like this:

  • Pick Prescription
  • Get 2 bags of pig food

He’d mentioned the pig food to me last night, and had suggested, “Look at the chicks and ducks. If they look good, get some.” So, I got the RX, then drove to the other end of town (a whole 8 minutes because the guy in front of me was a slow poke) to the Tractor and Feed Supply Store. Got a basket, because I wasn’t about to haul 2 bags of pig food around on my shoulders. Went past the sectioned off area where there were 7 huge tubs of ducklings and chickens. Straight run (no guarantee what sex you were getting) – 3 tubs. 3 tubs of pullets (90% guaranteed to be female), and one tub of ducks. One little brown/black duck stood a bit taller than the others. I knew he would be going home with me. He was mine. I checked out the other tubs, then off to fetch the pig food to checkout.

“I need 6 pullets and 2 ducks, please.” Yes, 6 and 2, because they sell them in those minimum sets. The price per bird was awesome, and I came home with 3 boxes of feathered friends. And yes, I got the brown duckie I’d admired before. Thrilled, I posted pictures on Facebook, where several friends chimed in about how cute they were, what was I going to do with all the ducks (we now have 5), how many birds does that make total (10 cluckens outdoors, 6 inside, 3 ducks outside, 2 inside, so a total of 21 feathered friends), and one friend who teased she was worried that I was turning into a chicken hoarder, maybe I need an intervention. Sure, I replied, can I be on TV? Yeah, the friend replied, “Can I play your sister?” I had to laugh more, because this friend and my youngest sister have the same name.

We (by we, I mean my sons) got the birds set up, and oops! Two of the white Leghorns (as opposed to, I dunno, lime green Leghorns) escaped through the bars! I caught one of the Reds trying to escape, but she was stuck. I had to gingerly move her wing and poke her back through the hole. Middle son captured the 2 escapees, and we solved the issue with cardboard and penguin-decorated duct tape. Now we are set.

Of course, my little Princess Callie Roo Roo would *love* to play with the baby cluckens and ducks. Ooooo. Play! Play! Play! Must whimper at the feathered ones. Whine, too, which was a good thing, because she alerted me to the escape artists. She’s certain the cluckens and the ducks want to play with her, too.

And thus went Thursday, April 24th, in this writer’s life.  The WIP is up to almost 4K words, so over 1K written, and there’s more comin’ before I give it up for the night. Great life! Great home, great family, great friends, great pets. Total Win for this Thursday.




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