Best Friends...Writing Heartfelt Romance

My best friend, Sherry Jones (who will be writing as Sheylynn Jones) and I have put our heads together to do what we do best: Cahoot. Yep. We have turned the word ‘cahoot’ into a verb because we’re just that way. We are embarking on an adventure of creating a world of our own – a bucolic bay-side village called Gable Cove, where we each will be setting a 3 book series. Each series will stand alone, connected only by our shared setting. We’re excited to share these stories in the series Gable Cove: Haunted (Sheylynn Jones) and Gable Cove: Gladiolus Garden House (Laura Hamby). Look for (the as of yet untitled) Book 1 from both series in June, 2014!

Please visit our Best Friends…Writing Heartfelt Romances website:


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