Setting Goals in Life and Writing

It’s never easy to admit the goals you’ve set for yourself aren’t within your grasp according to plan. Sometimes it becomes necessary to move the goalpost, rather than change the goal. It’s always good to have goals, but make sure you haven’t set yourself up for failure from the outset. Gigantic Goals are awesome, but can be overwhelming. Break the Gigantic Goal into smaller steps, then climb the steps to completion. It often helps to define the goal this way, than to state a more ambiguous Gigantic Goal such as “Become a Millionaire in two years time.” By breaking it into smaller steps, you can also see if your timeline is in sync with the Gigantic Goal, as well. If the timeline isn’t right, change the goalpost, as it were.

The same can be done with writing goals. Have your Gigantic Goal (say, “write an 80K word novel in 6 months”), and an outline of the smaller steps you need to climb to get there – how many words per day? How many words per chapter? How many chapters? How much can I write each day? Is 6 months realistic or do I need to change this goalpost?”

As Confucius said, “…don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.”


3 thoughts on “Setting Goals in Life and Writing

  1. Love the Confucius quote. So true. And a good plan to break big goals into small action steps. Wondering what the first step would be for “to be swept off feet by Hugh Jackman.” Oh yes, meeting him would be a start. Sigh. What about writing him into a book to intrigue him?


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