Shouldn't You Be Writing?

Yes. Yes, I should. Some days, it’s easier said than done, and it’s easy to fall out of the groove of writing – the habit of putting words on paper/into the laptop every day. The best secret to getting back to it is one my best friend, Sherry, suggested. She does it, and she borrowed the idea from someone else: Write 100 words a day. Any words after 100 are gravy, you’re on a roll! And, when you just can’t get the 100 words done one day due to Life Intervening, then carry that 100 over to the next day – 200. But be careful not to give yourself a pass too many times, or you’ll wind up owing yourself more words than you intended. The purpose is not to overwhelm yourself when you’re trying to get back into the groove of writing, the purpose is to encourage!


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