New Reviews for *Manizer*

*Manizer* Back Cover Blurb:

I’m Madeleine Jefferson-Brandt. There are a few important things to know about me. Firstly, never call me Maddy. Secondly, I have two fathers and I sprung from a surrogate mother. I have a crazy sister and a deaf cat, too. Don’t diss my family. Thirdly – I took an online quiz to see which Star Trek character I most resemble. Turns out I have the feminine version of Commander Riker’s womanizing personality – the capacity to be a playa. Who knew? So, what’s a nice, fairly pedestrian girl like me supposed to do? Become a Manizer, of course. Only, with Jude Brenner, I’m not sure I manized or was womanized – not that it matters one way or the other. We navigated a few tricky areas, like he exhibited some rather territorial tendencies towards me, among a few other minor obstacles. Oh, and I kinda like him. A lot.

The Reviews:

On Smashwords:

This story captured my attention immediately with the proposition that a woman could live a life of reckless abandon with sexual escapades they same way men as playboys do. Manizers are female womanizers. I found myself torn between wanting the main character to be able to do this, and not wanting her to do it because I would rather see anyone be able to maintain a worthwhile long term relationship. There is a delightful twist and as all the characters are revealed, it becomes a fun read. It definitely left me wanting more. You will not be disappointed if you decide to buy this book. ~Lynn Nolan

And on Amazon:

Who would think such an innocuous little quiz would lead a woman down the path to becoming a Manizer—the female equivalent of a womanizer? But that’s her plan when Madeleine meets Jude. But even the best laid plans (not to mention men) can take a twist.

This quirky band of characters will win your heart. I loved her cast of characters so much that I didn’t want to let them go at the story’s end. Laura Hamby spins a comedic and romantic tale loaded with warmth, laughter and love. I always look forward to her next book. ~Sherry Jones

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