I’m so lucky to have three new novels out – 2 in Bat Collective anthologies: Starting Over in 2003 Hardin Way, Her Hero Wears a Fedora in Keeper of the Heart, and now just this week, Manizer.

2003 Hardin Way with novellas by Nell Dixon, Kathi Robb Harris, Kris Starr and me! On special Valentine’s Day sale for $1.99 through 2-14-14.

     Situated in Atlanta, Georgia, it’s an address like no other. Whispered discreetly between co-workers, e-mailed between friends, found online by the most frightened searcher, it isn’t just a building constructed of bricks and mortar.
     It represents hope.
     For women traumatized by abuse, harassed by others, or merely looking for an escape, this apartment building provides solace, sanctuary and safety for those in desperate need. Living here, women find strength, courage and — perhaps most importantly — the ability to love once again.

Keeper of the Heart with novellas by Meg Allison, Kris Starr and me! $3.99, and now through Valentine’s Weekend (expires 2-16-14), a 25% off coupon (saves you a dollar!) at SMASHWORDS (only)…not available for Amazon.com, BUT, you can purchase it compatible for your Kindle at Smashwords, as well as Nook compatible. Use coupon code: KN73N when you check out!

     A mysterious invitation. A secret flight. And a beautiful, magical tropical paradise. A place where wishes come true, but not in a way that one might expect…
     Freyja’s Eye. Not found on any map, impossible to locate, the island is the realm of the Goddess Freyja. It is a destination for the lovelost—those who have given up hope of ever finding their one, true love…the other half of their soul. It is a place where the deepest desires of every heart are fulfilled…when they are finally acknowledged. The path to love isn’t easy, but boy, romance sure is a delightful fantasy on this island.


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